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Occupational Therapy

Talk Play Grow offers Occupational Therapy Evaluations and individualized treatment sessions.   Our  licensed Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapy Assistants use evidence-based, child-led treatment methods when treating our clients.   We understand that children learn best through play and work hard to make sure our therapy is fun and effective! 

What is Occupational Therapy?

     It's a little odd to think about children needing occupational therapy because "occupation" typically brings "job" to mind.   Really though, occupational therapy encompases anything considered to be a daily activity. In pediatric settings this can mean SO many things!  OT's work on fine motor skills, handwriting, school work, etc.   They can treat cognitive conditions as well.  

     OT's can also work on self-care activities.  This may include getting dressed, brushing teeth or hair, hygiene, toilet training, making meals/snacks...the list goes on and on! 

     OT also plays a HUGE role in sensory regulation.  They know all the interventions, strategies, and techniques for helping a client meet their sensory needs so that they are able to participate in functional activities!  Our OT's can complete a sensory evaluation/profile and determine what kind of sensory needs your child has, as well as a plan to prevent sensory-related meltdowns.  OT's also work on social-emotional regulation.  They are a great resource for client's that need help with learning how to function in social scenarios.  

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Does my child need Occupational Therapy?

     We always encourage you to call us and discuss your concerns.  We will listen and help you decide if an evaluation is recommended.  

Some things you may be noticing (4 year olds+):

  • Struggles with tracing and/or copying basic shapes and letters, handwriting, drawing, coloring or scissoring skills etc.

  • Has an awkward pencil grasp which reduces the quality of his graphic output (e.g. a jerky line)

  • Puts an extra effort into fine motor performance (e.g., moving his trunk or lifting his shoulder)

  • Keeps switching hands while coloring and writing and hasn’t yet established a dominant hand

  • Struggles with block construction and/or puzzle assembly

  • Has poor posture while sitting, or appears “floppy” and weak and gets tired easily

  • Lacks organizational skills, is slow and inefficient in his/her performance or has short attention span.

  • Has low self-confidence and self-esteem, becomes easily frustrated and tends to avoid tasks that require motor skills

If your child becomes overwhelmed easily in large or loud activities, struggles with certain textures, seems to crave sensory input or avoid certain sensory experiences, they may benefit from an OT eval as well. 

You can find out more about OT for children at AOTA

Call us at 440.427.4433.  We'd be happy to help!

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