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Academic and Day Programs

We know that there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the return to school in the fall. Many parents are torn on what to do. Having a child that receives special education services complicates the decision even more. It is scary to think about sending them back to school full time without truly knowing if it's safe admist the conflicting information. It is overwhelming to think about doing virtual learning, scheduling the individual services, and getting your child to sit at a computer for so long. Some kids just arent't as successful with that format. That's why we have designed a program that combines homeschooling and face-to-face services. It is extremely flexible to meet your family's needs. You can chose the days and amount of time you would like your child to attend!


You will also chose the homeschooling curriculum that you would like to implement with your child. You can do it at home or send them to us and we can facilitate it, or even a combination of both. If your child is on an IEP they can get their special education services through us as well. Children that are on IEP's and do not attend public school are eligible for the Ohio Department of Education scholarships to fund the services. We can guide you through that process as well!


Another advantage to having your child attend TPG for academic services is that we are not limited to what is on the IEP like the school districts are. We can provide therapuetic services the entire time your child is with us. We will have the time and ability to build strong relationships with your child, meeting their individual needs without limitations.


We can also provide a preschool alternative for the younger kids! However, this program is not covered under the Scholarship.


We will be limiting the number of students we will take into these programs in order to be able to take the necessary precautions for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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