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Our Space

Talk Play Grow's clinic was designed to be bright, open, and appealing to our clients.  It was important to us that it not feel "clinical" but rather be a place kids want to come to!  The clinic features a welcoming waiting area, two private therapy rooms, a large playroom, a sensory room, and last but not least, an indoor playset in our therapy gym. 


Our therapy gym features a playset, monkey bars, a slide, therapy swings, and a rock climbing wall.  These features are not only FUN but FUNCTIONAL as everything can be used as part of therapy sessions.  

Our playroom is perfect for groups and classes but is also used in therapy sessions to focus on developing skills in a more natural environment.  For kids play is the best way to teach skills and practice carryover.  There are plenty of choices and opportunities for play in this space!

Our sensory room is a quiet space with low lights for clients to relax and decompress if overwhelmed.  Soft pillows and a crash mat, along with different textures, weighted stuffed animals, and fidgets all support sensory processing.  Music can be played to help calm or it can be kept quiet.  

The two therapy rooms are perfect for times when distractions need to be minimized or if a more traditional therapy session is deemed appropriate. 

We also have a kitchentte with a fridge and microwave, for times our clients pack food (camps or longer programs) and a in-suite bathroom. 

We love our clinic and think you will too!  Call us at 440-427-4433 to set up a free tour and intake/consultation.

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