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Covid-19 Response and Plan

Dear Families and Clients of TPG,

Talk Play Grow will re-open May 25th for evaluations and individual therapy sessions for Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapies.  

Our promise to you is to keep you and your child safe while continuing to provide necessary, quality therapy services.  To accomplish this, we have adjusted the way we provide care at the clinic and through teletherapy services.  If you are currently receiving services through teletherapy, and wish to continue at this time, that is fine! Nothing will change.  If you would like to begin or resume face-to-face services, please contact us at 440-427-4433 to set up an appointment.

The Governor has recently lifted restrictions on summer camps!  We will be able to offer our camps with limited enrollment.  Check out our summer camps tab to see what we are offering!

Making our clinic safe and preventing exposure

We know you may still have concerns about returning to our physical clinic.  Rest assured that we will implement the following safeguards to minimize exposure risks related to COVID-19 for our clients, families, and staff.

1. Parents will be required to wear a mask and/or face shield while dropping off/picking up their child for camps or group sessions.   Due to the nature of the program, there will likely be multiple people arriving around the same time.  We would be happy to arrange alterative drop off/pick up times for families to limit how many people are in the center at one time.  We would also be happy to arrange for us to pick your child up from the main lobby of the building.  If you chose not to wear a mask, we will greet your child at our door while you remain in the hallway.  Thank you for your understanding!


2.  Therapists/staff will wear masks unless it is not appropriate for the specific child or situation (child afraid, therapies requiring visual of therapists mouth, etc).  At this time, face masks are not recommended or required for the children we serve.  Each family may decide for themselves if their child can tolerate a mask.

3.  Temperature checks will be conducted each visit.  If anyone in your family has been ill or has known exposure to COVID-19, we ask that you call and reschedule your child's appointment.

4. Anyone entering the facility must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering therapy room.

5.  We are scheduling individual therapy sessions in a manner that there will not be more than one family in our clinic at a time.  Therefore, we will allow the parent to remain in our waiting room if they chose.

6.  Toys utilized during therapy sessions will be kept to a minimum and thoroughly cleaned/sanitized prior to reuse.

7.  Fabric toys, pillows, carpeted swings, play dough, and other difficult to clean items will not be available.

8.  Employees will wash their hands before and after each therapy session.

9.  Therapy rooms and equipment will be sanitized after every session.

We are here for you!

As always, Talk Play Grow is here to support our clients and families!  As information is released and things evolve in the world, we will keep updating our policies and procedures to ensure we are delivering our services with the upmost caution.  

We are looking forward to getting back to what we love!

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